The Journaling Stan

A Morning Journal Session. 20 Journaling Prompts.

Good Morning!

My goal is to give you prompts that kick off your morning in a positive and impactful way to get you energized and motivated.

  1. What are you looking forward to? (Today, in the near future, in the distant future, or right now.)
  2. What is your mission today? (This can be a task, level of performance, internal wellness mission, etc).
  3. What do you appreciate about your life right now? (Who do you appreciate? What do you appreciate about yourself? What has changed in your life that you are grateful for?
  4. What challenges do you anticipate today? How do you plan on handling / responding to them?
  5. Today, I am proud of myself for ______
  6. Today, I let go of ______
  7. Today, I allow myself to ______
  8. Today is my opportunity to _____
  9. Today is a great day for _____
  10. I will make myself proud by_____
  11. I deserve to _______
  12. I love that I ______
  13. ______ Motivates me to keep going each day.
  14. I’m excited to _______ today.
  15. I find it beautiful that _____
  16. Write a letter to yourself. (What do you need from YOU?)
  17. Dear future me, ________
  18. I will enhance my day by _____
  19. Reminisce on a funny memory.
  20. I’ll unwind at the end of the day by ______.
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So About Morning Journaling

Journaling in the morning is just… great.

It’s a way to put yourself first at the beginning of the day. This is especially true you are a person that regularly serves others.

Take the first moments of the day to serve YOU.

Give yourself a solid 20-30 minutes to just be alone, take in the morning, and journal.

It’s very easy for life to become so congested with service that you forget to serve yourself. You are not a machine.

Even if you do view yourself as a machine, allow your mornings to be your time to “warm-up” before performing.

The best way to do this is to keep your journal on your night stand ready to go in the morning. Keep a pen nearby too.

Starting your day this will give you a positive kickstart. Afterall, your thoughts influence your emotions and journaling (especially with prompts) will give your mind some guidance to feelings of confidence, optimism, and motivation.

My day is drastically different when I start it with a gratitude list … Rather then when I just roll out of bed and get going.

Having that moment to look inward puts the “pause-button” on life so I can settle on a perspective and enter the day with the intention to gain from it rather than to “see what happens”.

Happy Journaling!

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