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Who are you & What is this site?


I’m Tiffy — A Journalista

I started keeping a journal regularly and it wasn’t hard to notice that journaling was something that had been missing from my life. Having a physical tool to explore my inner-world with nothing but pen and paper, was a weapon I didn’t know I needed in my self-care arsenal.

It’s a way to be self-aware that’s tangible.

I’m here to talk about journaling, share experiences, give prompts, be helpful, and build a community.

My goal is to help others start, keep, and love their journaling practices. To help others connect with something that helps them connect with themselves.

Allow me to inspire you to write, help you overcome barriers, help you feel seen, and have those much-needed discussions around journaling.

Thank you for being a part of this community and I’m hoping something here inspires your journaling practice.

Happy Journaling. ❤️