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Creative Journaling Workshop – Hampton Public Library

Check out “Creative Journaling Workshop” on Eventbrite!

Date: Thu, Sep 29 • 3:00 PM EDT

Location: 4207 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton, VA 23669

How’d it Go:

I attended this workshop on 09/22/2022 . It went great! I made a cute new journal that I’ll be using for brainstorming paintings, things I want to do differently, and more to track my growth, development, and overall journey as an artist. (But of course, your journal can be for whatever you want!).

Supplies like glue sticks, decorative paper, gel pens, stickers, and color pencils were provided so you could decorate your journal cover and get creative in the interior. Check out the Eventbrite link for details on what to expect.

I had a great conversation with the host about the benefits of journaling, how long we’ve been journaling, and our experiences with our journaling practices. It’s always exciting to meet others who love journaling as much as I do ❤.

Is it happening again?

The Creative Journaling Workshop is happening again this Thursday September 29, 2022 in Hampton Public Library – 4207 Victoria Blvd. Hampton, VA 23669. The previous Creative Journaling Workshop event was held upstairs in the left corner of the building.

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