The Journaling Stan

Define Purpose. Define Passion. How do you feel about these things?

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I feel like your purpose is whatever you feel the need to contribute — it’s whatever you feel compelled to do before you leave Earth.

I feel like a passion can be multiple things that you are extremely in love with doing.

I’ve been letting go of the idea that it has to be one thing and also, I’m letting go of the idea that these two things (purpose and passion) have to match.

It just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Journaling outside is nice!

I am passionate about too many things. No matter how many questions I ask myself or how much soul digging I do, I’m always going to end up not being able to choose one thing as my passion.

I’m passionate AF and what’s wrong with embracing that?

Society wants everything to turn into a monetizable skill. People can’t just love things to love them – it has to lead to money. That’s why picking one thing is so important….

My passion doesn’t have to be my profit. Passion, profit and purpose don’t have to be the same thing.

I was indirectly taught that it does.

That’s brought a lot of stress and confusion into my life because I keep hopping from one thing I’m very passionate about to the next. My only constant is the urge to share whatever that thing is.

So maybe that’s my purpose? Sharing? I really don’t know and I don’t think I’ll figure it out before I actually do a lot with it. I don’t think I’m supposed to figure out my purpose before it’s done.

I think one day I’ll go “yep, that’s it”.

I’m not sure that I have one purpose either. Maybe my purpose has an overarching theme? Maybe it’s just what my personality brings? I’m not sure.

I feel like the idea of purpose will always be a mystery but I don’t think it’s one job you have or one reason for existing.

People are way too complex to be limited like that.

I feel like if I keep on following feelings of fulfillment and the feeling of being warm after helping somebody, then I’ll land where I’m supposed to be – wherever that is.

These concepts make me feel anxious and excited at the same time. I feel like I’ll figure it out one day but I also am afraid that I’ll get excited about something being my passion or purpose and be wrong…

But at the same time, how could I be wrong if I’m just being myself? If I’m moving authenticity, I have no choice but to crash into whatever my purpose is. Maybe passion is just vehicle that gets me there. Maybe it’s the thing that drives you to build a skill – emotional skills included.

It’s all a mystery.

I really don’t know.

The one thing I’m solid on is that there’s just no way we’re all only designed to do one thing, and to be passionate about one thing.

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