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Describe fear

It made me want to describe how other emotions make me feel. You have to know what you’re up against to really work through it. Right?

Describing feelings gives you an opportunity to do that.

Sure, we all recognize these feelings when we have them but we can still benefit from understanding them intellectually as well.

Fear is a complex emotion so I figured this one would be interesting. Grab your journal. Let’s write.

Here’s my entry:

Fear is an interesting feeling. Usually, I go along with it. If it tells me to back off, I do. When fear rolls around, I feel stuck…





Other times when fear comes around, I feel excited. When that happens, I take it as my opportunity to be bold and be proud of myself later.

If only it could be that way all the time…

Fear really is the daddy of all the other feelings that show up to make me act less than my best self…

So naturally, the next question is…

How can I overcome my fears?

I can’t.

Fear will always be there. Forever…

I’ll always be afraid of something. I’ll even be afraid of good things like achievement, growth, and change.

I can’t stop that from happening but I can regularly remind myself of my goals and my why behind my goals. I can have talks with myself (via my journal) and remind myself of what it is that I truly believe.

Fear can be felt, and fearful thoughts can come about, but ultimately…. I don’t believe them.

If I fully believed my fears, then I would never imagine myself as my “best”. I would never imagine myself in incredible positions in life. I would never imagine myself living out a dream.

When I’m fearful or doubtful, I can just ask “do I really believe that?”.

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