The Journaling Stan

Do you have your feelings or do they have you? How do you handle them?

I’m not just talking about how you respond to difficult situations like somebody making you angry or high levels of stress. I’m talking about the everyday feelings that prevent you from being your best. For example, Sometimes I feel uninspired and that puts me off from showing up for my blog or my artwork. I might be bored and put off tasks . There are no particular stimuli related to those feelings, but they are bound to come up. Your everyday feelings might be anxiousness and feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do. You might feel irritable.

We’re all different.

Question is, how do you respond to it? Do you respond to it at all? Do you ignore it? Do you wait for it to go away?

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I will regularly feel bored or uninspired. To be somebody that loves creativity, it’s amazing to me how I can run out of that juice so quickly. Recognizing that I’m uninspired makes me feel sad and directionless. I’m used to it happening but it feels shocking every time. I tend to handle that by trying to be creative anyway, working on something other than my current projects. Talking with other people about their projects and passions tends to get me reignited…

It really sucks being overly curious. Being interested in everything creates so much space to be interested in nothing.

To answer the prompt, my feelings do have me… But I mean that in the best way. I actually enjoy the internal challenge. I love regaining creative energy. It’s the Tiffy-Cycle, and I like it.

I spent way too much time thinking that there was something wrong with me — wondering why I cannot be as balanced as other people…But I’m done with the idea that my internal world has to perform like somebody else’s.

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