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Don’t forget about internal gratitude…

The basic definition of a gratitude journal is— a journal you keep to write down things that you appreciate.

Well, what do you appreciate about yourself? What do you appreciate about your growth? What have you been feeling lately that you appreciate?

If you aren’t already, I encourage you to take your gratitude journaling inward and appreciate yourself. Your characteristics, your hobbies, your skills, your mood, what you’ve been learning.

Appreciate the feeling of momentum and motivation.

Appreciate how you navigate through challenges.

Appreciate how you’ve developed to this point.

Appreciate what you’ve overcome, or what you’re on your way to overcoming.

Appreciate the peace you’ve brought to yourself.

This is valuable because this is where gratitude journaling becomes a self-love generator.

Additionally, we can only control what’s inside of us.

We cannot will anything outside of us to happen and make us feel happy. So why not focus more on the inside? Why not give attention to something you can actually have an impact on?

Life is lived from our worldview. The quality of our lives is determined by our attitudes.

Do we see opportunities or barriers? Do we motivate ourselves with shame or with positive reinforcement? Do we wait for external circumstances to measure the quality of our lives or do we generate that quality from within?

Sit with your gratitude journal and take time to be grateful for what you generate from within because that’s all that really matters… That’s your foundation for happiness, optimism, motivation, and self-love.

Can you use more of that?

Happy Journaling ❤️

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