The Journaling Stan

How can you challenge yourself?

I like this prompt. First, it requires you to decide whether or not you’ve already been challenging yourself. If not, don’t feel guilty. Now is the time.

Challenging yourself doesn’t mean that you are trying and trying again, but instead, it means you are trying differently. You are testing out new ways you can be the best version of yourself.

“Challenge” implies that whatever you’re about to take on is difficult… And it can be… There will most likely be some resistance between you and whatever you are trying to accomplish. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible and a challenge can be exciting.

1 / 10

I can challenge myself creatively. I no longer want to wait for inspiration in order to start or finish creative projects. That includes my blog.

That’s going to look like me doing it anyway… Even when I don’t think it’ll come out the best. That means leaving out expectations and just giving whatever it is I’m creating the space to “make itself”. I have very high expectations for myself and that’s a good thing but it can also hold me back. So, I’m challenging myself to allow all parts of me to exist whether or not it’s driven by inspiration… That might even give me the opportunity to find inspiration as I go...

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