The Journaling Stan

How do you want to see yourself transform? Describe that person.

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She’s calm. She’s level headed at all times but she still honors her emotions.

She productive, but in a healthy way. She is fully authentic and has let any worries of being the ‘weird one’ go.

She has an aura of being happy and more than satisfied with life — she is fulfilled.

She knows exactly what she needs to do to keep her wellness in check. Mental, physical, and spiritual.

She doesn’t feel the need to prove to anybody that she’s smart and skillful.

She walks into opportunities with ease.

She was right — intentionally having less and embracing loss has created room for more. So much more.

Everything that is tucked away , that’s beautiful and hidden, has come to the surface.

Her personality, what she does, and what she gives is inspirational.

Her intelligence is apparent, and so is her passion.

And sis can’t stop smiling.

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