The Journaling Stan

I am someone who….

I start sentences in my journal like this pretty often. It’s very empowering, affirming, and compassionate to redeclare over and over who I am and what I stand for. Not determining who I am only by my output or the roles I play, but making space for determining who I am by what I’m fueled by.

What are the principles/values/beliefs, that make you who you are?

What engines move me? What am I powered by? 🤔 

What internal processes make you who you are?

“I am someone who does ______” 

“I am someone who has ______” 

“I am someone who believes ______” 

“I am someone who values ______” 

“I am someone who gives ______” 

“I am someone who brings ______” 

“I am someone who attracts ______” 

I could go on and on. Try this. See what comes to mind and challenge yourself to think beyond the roles you play. Change the word after “who” and see where that takes you. ❤️

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