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I feel supported when…

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I feel supported when people are just “there” and I don’t have to make what I’m going through be worthy of their support. I feel supported when the support is given to me, rent free, tears free, drama free. I feel supported when others are naturally inclined to be “there”. I’m bothered when my feelings or situations are compared to what another person in the world is going through. Saying “It could be worse” or anything related to that is not supportive.

I feel supported when I’m acknowledged. I’m tired of being the “strong Black woman”. I feel supported when I’m recognized as breakable. I’m not weak, but I’m not indestructible either. I feel supported when I’m given help and comfort instead of a smack on the back and being encouraged to endure — as if I’m some kind of emotional athlete.

I feel supported when I’m seen, heard, believed, and comforted.

I feel supported when I can tell others believe in me.
I feel supported when I’m cheered on, congratulated, and when my friends/family tie my interests and goals to who I am as a person.

I like hearing things like “I can’t wait until you release your blog” , “I can’t wait to see what you create” , “I love that for you”.
When I can sense genuine excitement or when I can tell someone is happy for me, I feel the most supported.

I do feed off the positive reinforcement and the faith that others have in me. It comes in handy any time I am losing faith in myself.
I feel supported when others want to help, without me having to ask.
Being supported without any convincing required, feels great.

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