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I find it difficult to tolerate…

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I find it difficult to tolerate tolerating.


I’m not “patient” in the sense that I’m willing to settle for situations I don’t like. I’m losing my ability to endure more and more as time goes on…
I really have a hard time tolerating purposelessness. I hate doing things that have no heart, no meaning, no contribution. I’m drawn to creative and emotional tasks, rather than practical ones.

This is something I’m recently discovering about myself. I wasn’t sure what was “wrong” with me, but now I understand that there was never anything “wrong” — I just have a hard time tolerating what I’m not designed for.

I’m not designed to find comfort in what doesn’t move and fulfill me.

At heart, I’m a creative and curious person and I want my principles to matter and to inspire others…. Acting in a way that doesn’t support that, is painful…

I just have a hard time tolerating. Period. I don’t understand why I must endure situations that I don’t absolutely HAVE to…. I don’t understand. I’m genuinely confused.

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