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I’m getting in the way of my own goals by…

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I’m getting in the way of my own goals by thinking the things I have to do to get where I want to be are hard…

My goal right now is to get out of customer service. I’ve evolved past it and there’s something beyond that for me. I need to find work where I feel I am contributing and where I can be creative and use my unique problem solving skills. My blog is the ideal place for that.

God did not make me who I am for me to not be who I am

When it comes time for me to work on my site, do some writing, or take some courses, I tell myself that it’s difficult, inconvenient, and that I rather do something fun…

What’s funny about that is when I actually get started, I enjoy what I’m doing.

I need to practice having influence over my immediate feelings. I can’t control them but I can meditate and I can remember that they’re just temporary feelings that don’t resonate with what I really want.

This will be a challenge in itself but it’s worth it.

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