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Journal Session: Let’s Reflect

This prompt is a little different. I don’t have a simple question for you today but what I do have is a little project. I just got done with this entry myself.

For what purpose & why?

I journal for self-discovery and growth. I assume that if you are visiting this site regularly, then you are too.

So the purpose is for you to reflect on what internal lessons you’ve learned.

It’s important for you to reflect on how you are growing. For me, this allows the lesson to settle in. Why do you think you used to have to give presentations back when you were a kid in school? It’s because if you can demonstrate and teach a subject, then you have to understand it for yourself first. Look at this journaling session as your presentation of how you’ve developed.

I’ll walk you through it. Questions and all.

TIP: You might want to use two colors. One for the bullets, one for the entry. It’s up to you!

First, write today’s date & subject.

You can write the subject next to it now or you can wait until you’ve finished and write the subject based on what you wrote. (Just in case you go off on a tangent, it happens!)

Then, write some bullet point answers.

Skip any that don’t feel like they apply or feel redundant. You don’t even need to take the questions literally, these are just the sorts of things you want to think about as you reflect on your inner world. Note any responses that come to mind. You’ll be elaborating on your bullets later.

Here are mine:

Finally, elaborate on those points.

Take each bullet point and elaborate. Go deeper and explain what you learned as well as what you felt. What’s the story behind that lesson?

Here’s one of mine:

Hol’ up Tiffy, couldn’t I have just skipped to the elaborating part??

Yep. You could have. But here’s the thing… I didn’t feel like writing a whole entry so I decided to just do a list. Once I made that list, I naturally felt like elaborating. I guess the bullet points served as a sort of appetizer to the main course. 😜I also wrote my bullet points in purple and the main body of the entry in pink. Now, when I go back to reflect on the journal, I can skim rather than read a full block of text.

Let’s be honest, we’re not always going to be up for heavy writing or reading sessions so making your journal bullet friendly and skim-friendly just makes journaling easier!

And that’s it!

Thanks for reading this and journaling with me. ❤️

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