The Journaling Stan

Morning Journal Prompt: What perspective do you want to enter your day with?

❤️ Good Morning! ❤️

I created this prompt because sometimes I can forget that life is all about perspective. I will be affected by how I choose to view things… For example, I can create this blog from the perspective that it’s fun for me to share something I love with others. I could also approach this blog with the perspective that it must grow fast in order for me to feel like it’s any good.

Shifting perspectives isn’t easy… I can’t tell you exactly how to change your perspective BUT, if you write about how you want to approach your day you might just motivate yourself to be that person.

I want to go into today with the perspective that life is great and there is so much I can create today. I love creating. Whether that be posts for my blog, stories for my Sims, paintings for my own creative expression, anything.

I want to hold that perspective because it’s true. I am a very lucky woman. I am young, I have no children, and I’m taking a break from work right now to just be with myself. That’s not something everybody can say and there is so much room to build from that position.

I am creative, I am blessed, and I am free.

I want to operate from the perspective that I only have this life once. I have to be fully and authentically me now, or never.

I want to operate from a place of acceptance. I roll with the punches and enjoy challenging myself to maintain an optimistic outlook. I embrace change and I see it as another opportunity to make myself proud. It’s fun to navigate and figure things out. It’s fun to grow.

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