The Journaling Stan

I think I’m journaling wrong…How do I get it right?

No you’re not. You just need some negative space…

What do you mean? What does “negative space” have to do with journaling?

Negative space is a part of what allows a journal entry and the entire journaling practice to diverge into tangents. It gives permission to authenticity — the main ingredient for a productive and forwarding journaling practice.

Without negative space, journaling is an assignment, a project, a test with rigid rules and expectations.
These rules and expectations create boundaries that keep you from experiencing the fullness of journaling.

Those boundaries may look like:

As you’re reading this, please don’t confuse authentically chosen habits, routines, or rituals for a limiting boundaries.

Is your chose routine comforting? Discouraging? Motivating? Demanding?

Having barriers to your expression in a journal is like going to the Zoo of You — a place full of all sorts of spiritual, emotional, conscious, and shadowed (unconscious) animals…


You only allow yourself to go on Tuesday between 2:12 p.m. and 3:04 p.m. and you must be wearing a red t-shirt, brown pants, and pink shoes…

On top of that…

You can only see and interact with the exhibits that are shown in the brochure… You aren’t allowed to explore anything else.

Those stipulations would discourage you from visiting, wouldn’t it?

Negative space is your 24/7 all access pass to all exhibits.

Sooooo…. How do I journal in the negative space? How do I develop that attitude?

You leap.

This is the fun part. This is the leap of faith. Journaling is so hard for many people because of this internal-hurdle.

Choose to be accepting.

Each writing session and entry that you choose to allow to be without judgment or scrutiny is a dance in negative space.

Your journaling practice will give you the opprotunity to have a mindset shift — the shift of being accepting of your mind, and in turn, being accepting of yourself.

How do I take the leap?

Think ahead of yourself.

Expect those boundaries and limitations to come when you’re writing an entry that doesn’t meet your standards.

Feel it. Notice it. Engage with the feeling.

Your feelings are just trying to protect you from the fear of boundless expression. Tell them, “I see you’re being protective and I thank you. Today I choose to accept my mind however it expresses itself on the page.”

Write. Then close your journal and walk away declaring you’ve done it right.

When you embrace negative space, You will journal freely and fully.

Happy Journaling. ❤️

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