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S2E1 – Journaling for Stress Management With Madam Uplift

In This Episode Of Journal Heaux…

Season 2, Episode 1. features an insightful phone call between Journal Heaux and India Celeste, The founder of Create and Pace Total Body and Madam Uplift LLC.

India specializes in stress management through mental health advocacy and fitness. She shares a bit of her personal story and speaks about her relationship between journaling and stress management with a focus on spirituality, self-esteem, and anger. India is a free-writer, meaning she does not follow a particular structure in her journal, allowing herself to explore and sit with her emotions. Internal exploration is an important part of navigating through stress by asking powerful questions that lead to powerful realizations. Join the discussion and be introduced to the value of journaling for stress through the story of a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist.

“Journaling, for me, is my pathway to understanding my stress, to recognizing my triggers, and to be honest with myself in order to hold myself accountable.”

India Celeste, Madam Uplift

Episode Notes:

Stress Management

India Celests opens by explaining her relationship between journaling and stress management. She explains that journaling gives her a space to process emotions such as anger, frustration, inadequacy, feeling life is unfair, struggles with relationships, and addressing pains.

Being a spiritual person, journaling offers her a place for clarity in understanding what the universe is telling her. India says journaling helps to keep her in the present moment, rather than living in the past (depression) or worrying about the future (anxiety).

Journaling Without Bounds

India is a free-writer meaning she does not have a particular structure for her journal. She writes as if she is writing a memoir to herself. Free-writing allows her to explore her internal world and sit with her emotions so that she may gain an understanding of herself and identify patterns in her thoughts and behaviors.

India writes with an attitude of curiosity and acceptance. She asks herself powerful questions, to get powerful answers. Through writing, India is able to turn frustration into motivation and manifest what she needs.


Journaling allows an individual to know themselves and become self-aware. Knowing, seeing, and spending time with ourselves gives us “more success in feeling good each day”. Knowing who you are and taking ownership of it through writing helps to keep you from being defined by the outside world.

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