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Creative Legacy Journaling with Jennie Journals

Have you ever considered creating beautiful journals to pass them along to your family?

This episode is a discussion between Tiffy and Jennie Journals, a creative journaler. Jennie is a legacy journaler, meaning she creates her journals with her family in mind. She’s been invited to express her passion for mixing words with pictures for an “explosion of expression”. Check out her creations on Instagram under @Jenniejoy.journals. Enjoy the discussion and happy journaling.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words. But a thousand words is priceless’. And why not combine both? Why not write the thousand words and add the pictures just so you have this explosion of expression?

Jennie Journals

What is legacy journaling?

Legacy journaling is journaling for others to see it, usually family members. Jennie uses her journaling practice to tell her family stories and to capture experiences that she can look back on to relate to her children in the future. Her journals tell stories, of the good days and the tough ones, that she can reflect on with gratitude.

Jennies journals are beautiful and that beauty is a story in itself. The artwork tells her what season she was writing in, how she was feeling, and who was at the time of the entry.

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