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Journaling Nuggets of Wisdom with Hayley Curtis

What insights have you gained from your journaling practice? 🤔🤔

Self-discovery, emotional embrace, trust in yourself, trusting the process, overcoming journaling hurdles, shared revelations, and more… Whether you keep a journal or not, there is a lot of insight to be gained from two individuals who are in love with inward exploration and full self-embrace. This episode can be best summed up as nuggets of wisdom with a wonderful guest, Hayley Curtis. 

Hayley is a woman devoted to seeing other women come to truly know, love, and understand themselves. She is a qualified teacher and journaling coach who runs the Instagram page @Soulfull.Journaling and the monthly membership, The Journey Home. Listen in and be inspired. 

Fear is safe. The fear to sit with these big emotions, the fear to sit with the anxiety is actually safe because it’s leading you down exactly where you want to go…

Hayley Curtis

Journaling Nuggets of Wisdom

Hayley is passionate about helping others understand how much value they can bring to their lives through the practice of journaling.

Hayley shows us that in jouranling, there is an abundance of opprotunity to have revelations that will stick with you forever. Journaling brings you closer to authenticity and it allows you to construct your own perspective while still holding space for empathy and self-compassion.

You don’t have to be a journaler to learn something from this episode.

Anybody with an interest in enriching their lives can be inspired by this discussion. Afterall, journaling is not about the journal itself. Instead, it’s about what you receive from honing your self-awareness and amplifying your unconditional self-love.

Listen in. Be inspired. Happy Journaling. ❤️

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