The Journaling Stan

Journaling makes wellness tangible

I could list some benefits of journaling but, there’s already plenty of “the benefits of journaling” lists out there.

Plus, the power and magic in journaling isn’t in a list of achievements such as becoming a more grateful, self-aware person… Nah. The real benefit in journaling is in the experience, what you learn, and what you choose to do with it.

Journaling is sitting with your emotions

Journaling is spending time with emotions, situations, states of being, recording your story, learning from yourself, and using that to propel you forward.

It’s beyond wellness, journaling speaks to the soul.

Think I’m being dramatic?

When I say “journaling speaks to the soul”, I’m not pointing to any religion or spiritual belief system (though it can absolutely be that for you) I’m saying journaling gets down to your core.

Using a journal, you can speak to yourself, listen, and respond. You can have a real, productive, discussion with yourself. You can get to know yourself, empathize with yourself, show compassion, give yourself a pep-talk, check in with yourself…

Basically, everything you appreciate about your best friend, you’ll appreciate about your journal.

Minding your wellness is hard. Journaling makes things easier.

Since I’ve been focusing on writing for self-compassion, I’ve finally found the words for this. A way to describe the magic in journaling:

Journaling makes wellness tangible.

We’re told to love ourselves, embrace ourselves, check in with ourselves, sit with our emotions, etc… Well, how??? Just by remembering too?

We’re also told to practice having helpful mindsets and to practice redirecting our thoughts and feelings.

Developing mind habits that serve us does indeed take practice.

But what if you could make that practice actionable?

What if you could literally sit with your emotions at a desk (or whatever makes you comfortable) and observe them? What if you could come back to them later and make decisions about how you’d like to proceed? What if you could really practice speaking to yourself in a way that’s empowering? What if you can practice positive self-talk? What if you could practice seeing the glass half full?

Journaling gives you the space to practice mind habits that serve you through writing.


Journaling brings mind habits that are holding you back to your attention.

That’s a big deal.

Self-awareness becomes visible and interactive just by writing.

You get to see your growth. Your lessons are evergreen. You can revisit yourself, your experiences, and your realizations anytime.

What would you do with that? What could you accomplish? Who would you be?

There’s only one way to find out. Start Journaling. ❤

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