The Journaling Stan

The Journal x Photo-Album Combo (Please make one).

This is pretty self-explanatory. ❤️. This is where you take pictures and stick them in a journal along with an entry about that moment in the photo, what the photo symbolizes, whatever you like. A journal photo-album. A Journal-album.

Make a journal-album…

I’m using a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera. It works like an old school Polaroid — point, snap, and it prints a mini picture. I got a new blank journal (no lines or dots) and some glue-tap (I’ve just been introduced to glue-tape. It’s double sided and doesn’t stick your fingers. PERFECT for journal-albums).

I am SO excited to have started one.

Here’s why I’m doing this:

  1. I got my friend this camera as a gift and wanted one myself.
  2. Taking raw-life pictures will capture moments in a way that is more meaningful than taking pictures to post on socials.
  3. I miss photo albums. They’re very personal and are normally only shown to people that are close enough to you be invited to your house and invited to look at it.
  4. My friends and family will love having something like this once when I’m gone.
  5. Summer is my favorite season and I’m using this time to focus deeply on myself. I’d like to capture photos of this time for me to reflect on later.
  6. The old me will probably prefer printed photos rather than me storing memories on something Mark Zuckerberg owns and controls.
  7. Photos carry emotions differently than words alone.

This is my first journal-album but I anticipate I’ll love it so much that it’ll become something I do again and again for years to come. Try it! Let’s have journal albums together.

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