The Journaling Stan

What are you working towards and why?

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I’m working toward creating a routine for myself. A very loose routine, because too much structure drives me crazy.
I want to create days I look forward to and also challenge myself to be bit more productive.

I want to do this because once I know how, I’m unstoppable.

Meaning that everything I want to accomplish, I will. I’ll be able to work towards my goals every day and have it feel natural and enjoyable to me.

I’m not a disciplined person, but what I am is a person that can make things enjoyable. I can make myself want to do things. I just have to create a perspective that moves me in that direction…

I’ll be so proud of myself once I do that. Because I KNOW for a fact that I am amazing. I just struggle with the execution of amazing… I haven’t found the right daily flow to keep me being amazing…

All I ever want to do , is make myself proud.

But that’s going to change. I’m working at it. I’ll get there. I’ll find the right balance between structure and flexibility. The last thing I want to do is put a lot of pressure on myself for no reason….

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