The Journaling Stan

What do you deserve credit for? What do you do that goes unacknowledged? Give yourself acknowledgement.

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This one is for my perfectionists out there.

I’ve just announced the existence of this blog on 6/29/2022. Today is 7/7/2022. It’s been a little over a week and I’ve been hard on myself about everything I haven’t been doing.

Are you being hard on yourself right now? Are you focusing on what you aren’t doing? What’s not enough? What “could be better”?

You’d think that someone who’s such a fan of gratitude journaling would make a point to give themselves credit more often.

Though my gratitude journal does have space for self-celebration, I need to go out of my way to do this more often— hence the prompt.

Give yourself recognition, and prove your inner perfectionist wrong.

Here’s my list of the area of me that I didn’t acknowledge:

I decided to create a list, but please answer this prompt in whatever way you choose. Happy Journaling!

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