The Journaling Stan

What do you dislike about yourself?

I know. This is probably the strangest journaling prompt. I felt weird about posting it. But it’s a question that’s been on my mind…

Why? Because I need to acknowledge any insecurities I hold. What is it about me that I would change? Why? Why are those things a “problem”?

The purpose of this prompt is to be the start of you sitting with aspects o yourself that you don’t like.

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The Entry:

Now that you’ve answered this prompt, could you honestly say you’d judge yourself as harshly as you would a friend? Or anybody else for having these traits that you dislike?

Give yourself the same grace. It’s great to want to evolve, but perfection is not an option. Something’s gotta be “wrong” with you. You’re human. So write down what it is and decide if you want to embrace that as one of your imperfections, or if you’d like to see yourself evolve in that area.

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