The Journaling Stan

What do you need to stop doing that’s not helping you right now?

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I need to stop watching YouTube. It’s not helping me. I spend way too much time there and it’s doing nothing to lead me closer to who/what I want to be.

I want to spend my time being impactful and watching YouTube doesn’t help with that.

I watch when I’m bored. I can’t even remember everything I’ve watched. I just jump from video to video to pass the time. It’s not helping me, or anybody else.

What I rather do with my time is figure out how I can be more impactful to journalers. I can spend that time being healthier. Walking, calling friends and family, cooking, cleaning, creating artwork, meditating…. Those hours can go to something that’s actually going to move me forward in some way

because all I want out of life is to keep on forwarding myself.

That, and perfectionism. I still struggle with this to a degree. It’s gotten a lot better, but I still have work to do.

I want and need to be more okay with my imperfection. I’ve come to peace with my imperfection, and I’m okay with being imperfect… Yet I feel the need to go back over my work and “improve”. I would like to shift my mindset from worrying about “improving” or “fixing” and move it to evolving.

Evolving gives whatever I create the right to be it’s imperfect self and I focus on how the next thing can be better.

My blog has been taking up a lot of space in my mind. Its my baby. It’s what I intend to make my life’s contribution to others. So, If I’m going to be out here supporting journalers and giving them encouragement to be imperfect, then I need to demonstrate that myself through giving something like my blog the space to be imperfect.

I’m very confident that I will evolve. I’m always evolving. I can see it when I read my old journals and look back at things I used to say and do. I’m a much more grounded, mature, and happy person now. I’m 200% sure, I will only continue to evolve.

I also need to let go of anxiety. At this point, I feel I have a strong enough understanding of my anxiety to have power over it. I just need to remember to check my thoughts, meditate, slow down, and really watch my emotions shift so I can catch and redirect myself.

Worrying has never helped me.

Playing 12 scenarios in my head has never helped me. How can the habit be broken? Not too sure. I’ll continue to keep imaging and building a positive future, sticking to my walks, and I’ll go from there.

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