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What have you learned lately?

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Being a “creative person” is a whole state a being… not just some interest or hobby.

I’ve learned that for me, creativity is a MUST or I’ll likely slip into a depressive hole.

Since I’ve been painting and creating content, I’ve been happier. When I look back at the times where I was feeling low, I can see that I wasn’t doing anything creative during those times. I was just surviving day to day….

I thought the depressiveness caused the lack of creative energy, but it may be the other way around…

My Painting ! ❤️- “April Showers Brings….”

Either way, I need to make sure I create space to… Create!

I love that I learned this lesson.

It helps me to down-play myself less often. I don’t just have little hobbies, some things are just the core of who I am. That is beautiful, and useful.

I had no idea how bright of a light I really was. I intend to learn more and more as I go. That’s the fun part about life I guess.

My mission is to refine who I am, and make it more apparent. ❤️

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