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What internal battles have you won?

You should always make space in your journal for giving yourself credit. But I’m not talking about accomplishments and milestones. (Although those should be celebrated too).

Nope. I’m talking about your internal battles.

What spiritual / emotional battles have you won?

Remember, progress is NOT linear. You will make mistakes. You will have moments when you feel like you’re going backwards. Graphs that show progress always have dips. If you’re sitting in this metaphorical dip right now, don’t you dare consider this a total lack of progress. ❤️

 There will be bumps in the road but ultimately, you’re still moving forward.

Here’s my entry:

Letting things go.

One internal battle that I’ve been winning is letting things go. I’ve experienced a lot of loss between 2020 and today. Loss of friendships, a relationship, giving up a job, moving homes, and trying my hand at living without a car.

In the past, I’d be the sort of person that would try to salvage all the things I’ve lost. (Things that I’ve come to realize I don’t even want…) But this time, I decided to move from a place of acceptance and take my “losses” as opportunities to gain. I’ve decided to look at my life’s losses as a chance for renovation — out with the old and in with the new.

That is something I’m very proud of.

That realization was a part of what led me to the journey I’m on today. That journey being exploring myself and my life though journaling and focusing on creating a life that is fulfilling.

I have a friend that says, “flow with the river, don’t fight with the rocks”.

As a society, we really don’t talk about the quarter-life crisis enough. There’s just something about turning 25 that causes your mind to click and make connections…

I’m now accepting any losses.

This doesn’t mean I don’t feel hurt when I lose something — it still hurts. But, I remain open for the opportunity to receive even more.

I’ve learned to let my life renovate itself.

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