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What makes you feel satisfied?

What makes you feel satisfied?

What makes you feel accomplished?

What made me think of these questions was my last brain dump session. I’ve noticed I’m in a place in my life where I’m bored.

Don’t worry, this boredom is a good thing.

I’m bored because the activities and habits I have now don’t bring me the feeling I want. That feeling being accomplishment , growth, or feeling proud of myself. Feeling like I’m creating the life and results that I want — internally and externally.

So now that I understand what isn’t satisfying me anymore, I should consider what’s next, right?


So here’s the prompt and my entry.

I feel satisfied when I create something that comes out well.

That can be my art, a podcast episode, music, a blog post, anything that I can create that turns out well.

The kicker here is that I don’t always feel motivated to do those things… Strange. Maybe that’s a bit of self-sabotage — knowing what I have to do to get what I want while at the same time “not feeling like it”. It’s really interesting how that works… I guess the workaround for that is pretty easy… My journal got me motivated today. So I should read it more often.

Anyway, my satisfaction comes from creating something well. It’s that simple. That can include creating situations that work well for me. Achieving, and creating… Now I’m inspired to understand why I’m still holding myself back…

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