The Journaling Stan

What’s something you like about yourself?

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I just like my growth.

I like that I’ve been giving a lot of time, thought, and action to just doing what’s best for me. For a long time, I was just living life the way I thought I “should”.

Trying to be with someone when I’m my best when I’m just with me.

Trying to hold on to a jobs that aren’t for me.

Trying to hold on to friendships that weren’t healthy…

Just living in a way that was very much against that really aligned with me…

Now, today, I’m someone who wants to know what’s best for her. Not what’s best on paper, but what’s best based on how I feel – based on if I get fulfillment out of it or not…

That’s all I want.

Is to be happy and fulfilled. That is my main priority in life.

I just want to know what long periods of contentment feel like and hang on to that.

I believe in crafting a life that matches me instead of trying to get myself to be somebody I’m not and live somebody else’s life.

I’m smart, creative, weird, emotional, passionate, beautiful and Tiffy AF. That’s what I like about me right now.

I also like that this isn’t coming from growing up; who I am today didn’t come just from aging. I decided to consciously flip things around, do things differently… Say “fuck it” and take risks.

I’m not comfortable with living my life wondering what could have been had I done what I really wanted to do…

I love how my priorities shifted.

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