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Write a letter to your best friend, (pets included)

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Moon Queens,

You will always be deeply important people. You’ve come up in my gratitude journal quite a bit, because I want to make sure I remember you guys when I’m old.

I appreciate you for allowing me to feel comfortable being super open with you. It’s natural, and I don’t need to convince myself that it’s safe to talk to you — I already know it is.

I know that I’m understood and cared for without being judged. I know you support me. I know you want to see what’s best for me. I know you want to see me have everything I want.

You cheer me on and you encourage me do what moves me. You encourage me to do what’s going to keep me whole. You encourage and remind me to put myself first.

I’ve created core memories with you. I’m sure more will happen. I’m excited to be apart of your lives and see all the things you do, how you grow, how you build families, and how you make your dreams happen.

You are beautiful people with even more beautiful souls. You are family — a chosen family, and you chose me back.

Friendship is a special kind of love, and I wish more people understood that.

Being with you and being your friend is absolutely going to be a major highlight in this lifetime.

I’m so grateful and fortunate to have yall.

I love you Moon Queens. 🌕🌙

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