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Write about a memory that makes you smile.

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This is easy.

In summer of 2021, I spent a lot of time at the beach. Especially with friends. One night, we were there for about 7 hours. (7pm to 2 am).
We’d listen to music and the water, stargaze, and have discussions about our personal lives, goals, the rest of society, and other deep topics.

There was one night, I saw a shooting star.
On another, the tide was very, very low. We were able to walk out farther into the water without it getting above our ankles. If we walked out that far on any other day, the water would hit our waist. People usually swim to get where we were. Being out there while staying dry was amazing.

We we’re used to seeing sand crabs but now we got to see them hanging out in the water. We were all intrigued by the area. It was pretty and calm. It was a warm summer night… And I was at the beach, in the water, checking out nature, with friends….


Toward the end of summer 2021, I went to see the sunrise at the beach with my mom. I’ve watched the sunrise a few times, but she never has despite us living in a beach town for over a decade.

The sunrise with mom

It was great morning. We got coffee, laid out a beach sheet, and watched it. We stayed at the beach for a little while after that and just talked. We talked about memories, life, and made jokes about the beach critters we saw.
We look some beautiful pictures. If anything should happen to me or my mother, we’d always look back at this.

So. A memory that makes me smile?? The answer is – all things ocean.

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