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Writing for self-compassion

Self-compassion is being understanding towards yourself, uplifting yourself, being graceful, and having an attitude that recognizes our common humanity.

We could all benefit from going out of our way to make sure we are compassionate towards ourselves.

So let’s try out the writing prompts I’ve seen on this site. Here they are:

If you’re a perfectionist, you’re not alone. I’m right here with you! 😂.

Let’s try to focus on being kinder to ourselves when we make mistakes, uplifting our future instead of putting ourselves down for our past, and being friendly instead of being coachy. Let’s celebrate what we are just as well as we recognize what we aren’t.

I’m almost finished filling the pages of my current journal, so I’ll use the rest of it for this style of writing and of course, I’ll be sharing how that’s going with you.

If this interests you, then check out this post on YOU ARE style journaling entries.

What does writing for self-compassion look like?

For me, it looks like writing about the same issues I would brain dump about but instead, I’m speaking to myself rather than writing about an issue. The entry becomes a session of uplifting, rather than venting.

For example. Let’s say I’m being hard on myself about this blog (which does happen) instead of writing about my woes, I choose to say the same things to myself that I would say to my best friend.

Instead of: “The blog isn’t going how I thought it would, this is hard and I haven’t accomplished _____”

I’d say:

“The blog is going great, I’ve accomplished a lot for someone just starting out. Many people don’t even get going but I decided to put myself out there. That took bravery and I can only improve from here. Progress takes time, and progress isn’t linear”. THIS is something I’d say to my best friend. I’d focus on what she did do, rather than what she hasn’t accomplished yet. I’d commend her for how far she’s come rather than having her worry about what she’s not.

This doesn’t mean I don’t give myself space to vent in my journal if I feel it’s necessary, the idea here isn’t to bypass my feelings. It’s to add space for uplifting thoughts and beliefs that give me peace, momentum, and groundedness all at the same time.

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