The Journaling Stan

What is Journaling like? What’s life like without it? Why is it so valuable?

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is a profound and enriching experience. It’s a voyage that allows us to peel away the layers of our daily lives and dive deep into the essence of who we are, unburdened by the frustrations and worries that can often obscure our true selves. In this introspective practice, we come home to our core values and gain a profound appreciation for the richness of our human experiences.

It reinforces values.

Journaling is a place for me to remember who I am. It allows me to separate myself from the “me” that’s frustrated, worried, or unloving and it brings me back to the core of who I am.

You feel your spirit growing.

You’re not just experiencing something and forming an opinion on it, you’re reflecting and gaining a realization…

I believe journaling makes us a little more mindful.

Life without journaling, in my opinion, is spectating. Spectating feelings and experiences… They happen, you notice, and move on.

Whereas the act of writing them down is appreciating them and thoroughly extracting the lessons those moments have to offer.

After all, it calls us to:

Just imagine what comes from reflecting…

When you journal, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view….

You’ll see all sorts of things you haven’t before. It’s like the difference between flying in a plane and looking out the window vs the view you have from the driver’s seat of a car…

The difference is VAST.

Finally seeing the lights and the life that’s within the city you once only thought of as mundane…. From this view, you appreciate its beauty. Now you’re curious what else there is to discover…. ❤️

Seeing the intricate twists and curves of rivers and streams cutting through the land… You begin to notice how beautifully the planet connects.

You watch how cozy quilt-patches of farmland seem to transform into tall, impressive architecture. You’ve heard your city was diverse, but to see it for yourself makes it real.

Have I given you enough airplane analogies?

I’m not sure we all understand the gravity and importance of journaling…

I don’t care how stoic you may feel; everything we do in life has an emotional basis.

You want to feel happy, satisfied, content, accomplished, valuable… You avoid pain, disappointment, and embarrassment among other things. If you ask yourself “why” enough, you’ll eventually land on feelings. You may land somewhere spiritual and find yourself asking philosophical questions about life, its meaning, and where the heck you fit in all this…

Anyway, I’m not trying to trigger existential feelings. I’m trying to get you to see why interacting with yourself on a level that surpasses the opinions you have of yourself is important.

Who needs discipline when you can transform?

And consider this:

Once you know who you are and where you stand, you open access to growth. I’m not talking about forcing yourself to take on habits of whatever you consider to be “good”… No, I’m talking about actual transformation.

It all starts with knowing who that person is in the first place.

What moves them? Why? What calls them to come out?

Once you meet them… everything else is almost natural. Not easy, not instant, but natural….

Journaling acts as both a catalyst for your personal growth and a companion to help you along.


Journaling is an introspective journey that invites us to reflect, appreciate our core values, and extract profound lessons from our experiences. It grants us a bird’s-eye view of our lives, revealing hidden dimensions of beauty and connection. As we navigate the emotional landscapes through journaling, we pave the way for genuine personal growth and self-realization. So, let this be your call to action – pick up that journal and embark on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a path filled with profound revelations, authentic growth, and a deeper appreciation of life.

Happy Journaling. ❤️

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