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Writing for self compassion. 1 Week Update

Writing for self-compassion has already had an impact within a week.

I know you want an example so I’ll give you that and then I’ll dig into the more conceptual stuff. ❤️.

So, I paint. While working on a painting I wasn’t proud of, I began to be hard on myself. I even considered scrapping the painting… Oof…

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s only a painting and everybody hates their art” ,right? That’s very true. But for somebody like me, I take my perceived failures a little too personally.

I have the unfortunate habit of evaluating myself on what I produce… Not good…

Anyway, for me, disappointment in myself is a strong feeling… It’s at a powerful enough level to make being indifferent to the feeling a far-fetched reality…

Remeber that writing from a place of self-compassion is writing to yourself as if you are an unconditionally loving friend.

So what did I do in this situation? I took to the journal and focused on viewing my weaknesses as strengths. I wrote about what I loved about my paintings and I approached the disappointment from a place of curiosity… Meaning, I wondered what would happen if I embraced my painting’s imperfections rather than trying to “fix” them. 🤔.

Here’s another example.

I’m building a personal website to showcase my skills and passions, no matter what they are. I’ve been feeling afraid to put it out there thinking that what I have to showcase isn’t good enough…

When I wrote about it, I realized that I need to afford myself the opportunity to show me what I can do. I owe it to me to take that chance.

How journaling for self-compassion affected me within a week.

Aside from my artwork example, having a journaling practice centered around self-compassion has made this healthy type of thinking a visible option for me.

Being hard on myself, and trying to “fix” myself is no longer the only path in my view. It may be my default option (for now), but having this practice has solidified my commitment to practicing self-compassion.

I have entered a place where it’s is at the forefront of my mind. Developing a compassionate mindset is now a tangible, real, practice rather than a task floating in my mind…

There is a difference between practicing and forcing the result.

What’s the difference between journaling for self-compassion and just thinking more compassionate thoughts?

Forcing yourself to spit out compassionate thoughts in response to negative self-talk is just yelling over yourself.

You’re adding to the noise… Journaling for self-compassion is listening to yourself and then responding from a place of love, empathy, and understanding. Journaling is practicing the types of thoughts and perspectives you want to have.

Helpful brain habits are not something we can materialize at will. It takes practice and awareness. Picking up a journal and writing takes you through the steps of slowing down, listening, and then responding while still giving you the much needed space to feel your feelings.

Bypassing your emotions…

Is not healthy.

It’s what society wants us to do though, right? We’re supposed to power though the feelings we don’t like and call that “strength”. In reality, the strongest thing we can do is allow ourselves to feel them.

Having self-compassion requires you to feel the pains, and respond to them in a way that moves you forward. NOT shielding yourself from it by forcing it away.

Thank you for reading this. Happy Journaling ♥

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